Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Where To Find Modest Dresses for Women - A Complete List

 Finding modest dresses -- as all of you know, is really hard. After scouring the internet for a long time searching for a modest graduation dress, I still haven't found one that I like, the struggle is real haha. However, in the process I realized it would be really nice to have a complete list of places to find dresses that are cute, modest, and affordable! So here it is :) 

I've divided the list into three sections. The first is "they're all modest" here, you'll be surprised to see something too short or too low. Then there's "most of them are modest" where the distribution of modest dresses is about fifty percent. "There's some modest ones" section is for places that for sure have a modest dress selection, but you have to do some searching for. 

And please -- if there's some I haven't thought of, please comment below and I'll consider adding them! Happy shopping!

Section 1 -- They’re All Modest

Section 2 -- Most of Them Are Modest

1. Simple Retro

2. J. Crew

3. Ann Taylor

4. Old Navy

5. Chicwish

Section 3 -- There's Some Modest Ones

1. Amazon (pro tip - search “modest dresses for women, Allegra K is my favorite Amazon brand)

3. Loft

4. Big Box Stores like J. C. Penney, Macy’s or Dillards)

Alright, *whew* we're done! And if you're like me and won't pay for *anything,* finding any of these brands second hand on ThredUp, eBay or Poshmark is a great way to save some money. Have fun browsing alll the websites!


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