Saturday, July 22, 2023

What is Modesty?

The world has convinced us that modesty is concerned with clothes. Either the skirt is modest or the skirt is not modest. But can a skirt really make the decision to be modest? Uhh no. The wearer is what makes the thing modest or not. How does that work? 

Modest clothing is a part of being modest. Suppose you accentuate your rear end by wearing a super-tight skirt or leggings. In that case, people will naturally think of you differently, even if neither you nor the person looking at you registers this. It's true that you don't want to fixate on this, but there are natural and *subconscious* human tendencies that you can't just ignore. Men especially, are wired to be attracted to their wives, that's how the procreation of children happens. TMI, maybe, but for some reason this is just not obvious to a lot of people. You may garner more attention by dressing in this way, people may treat you differently, even if they don't realize it. And I'm not trying to argue that this is happening in a really big obvious way that everyone else is just oblivious to. Simply stated, there are slight changes in human interaction that occur when you are dressed immodestly that wouldn't occur if you were dressed differently. 

True, it's not going to flip your entire interaction with humanity around by dressing modestly. However, choosing to dress modestly gives you a little more dignity. It has nothing to do with the skirt, what it has to do with is the fact that your rear end or your stomach isn't a part of your interaction with other people. It's just you. You are coming as you are and your body parts aren't a factor anymore. 

Think about it this way. You walk into a room carrying a box of chocolate, and people naturally gravitate towards you, simply because they want chocolate. If you leave and come back without chocolate, people won't gravitate toward you half as much. This is simply because they never really liked you in the first place, they liked the chocolate. 

I think the reason why a lot of people scorn modesty is because they think they will be treated differently if they wear clothing that's not tight or revealing. They're more confident because they feel better when people treat them differently cause they can tell how amazing they look. Actually, this makes sense, people WILL treat you differently if you show less of your body than usual. But that's not YOUR fault it's THEIR fault. Why are people okay with being treated differently? 

Modesty is more than just clothes. Attitude and the way you present yourself are important factors. You can be immodest by flaunting the way you wear your outfit that covers *everything.* The most essential thing is to remember to show up as who you are instead of what you have. 

You're going to notice the same thing if you dress immodestly vs modestly. People will treat you differently, but that's not a bad thing. It's better to be liked for who you are instead of for what you have. 


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