Saturday, July 29, 2023

Be Not Afraid

Fear is a thief. There's nothing to ruin a day like the fear of messing up, or the fear of taking things in the wrong direction. Different temperaments struggle with different types of fear. As a melancholic, I struggle with fear of -- everything. Fear is unreasonable. The only thing we have to fear is sin; the only person who controls whether or not we sin is ourselves. 

Often superficial fears govern our actions. We fear what other people think of us, we fear ruining someone else's life, and we fear surrendering ourselves to God's will. It feels like a terrifying thought to completely allow oneself to be controlled by a God we cannot see. However, we must do it, and only then can we be completely freed from fear. 

Trust is the opposite of fear. When we trust we become stronger. However, we must be careful where we place our trust. For to trust something that will lead us the wrong way will only fuel our fear, leading us down paths where things can only go wrong. 

Fear is like a bad thought, it needs to be dismissed. Before making a decision, we need to take a step back, examine the situation and make a choice with the help of prayer. Fear should not be a factor in our choices. Human opinion is not a reason to be afraid. As long as we have our hearts in the right place, and choose to avoid sin, there is nothing in the world that we have to fear. 


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