Saturday, August 5, 2023

August '23 {Aesthetic and Vintage Style} Summer Amazon Finds

August is bittersweet. Here we are saying *goodbye* to summer. Which, especially if you life in the northern United States, is a very. sad. goodbye. I've dug up some finds on Amazon that are a *cute* way for you to enjoy the last few weeks before school starts. 

Shabby Chic Throw Pillow ($14.14) - Shabby chic is my favorite brand, you can get a *deal* on this beautiful pillow on Amazon, and its one of the few on there that includes both the pillow and the cover!

Acrylic Jewelry Box ($24.99) - Often its difficult to pick what jewelry to display and what to put away just because ladies typically have a lot of aesthetics going on in their jewelry collection! You get the best of both worlds with this cute box -- you can pick what to display and what to put in the drawer. 

Floral Quilted Weekender Bag ($85.99) - It's reminiscent of Vera Bradley, but with a vintage flair. Perfect to carry all the essentials for a short trip. 

Rifle Paper Co. Coffee Tumbler ($42.54) - It's your new favorite mug and the best part is you can take it wherever you go! A little pricy but definitely adorable. 

Pink Ruffled Blazer ($32.99) - I'm a fan of wearing classy clothing, but I like it when workwear has a feminine twist. I was over the moon when I found this blazer, I own it in gray but I'm tempted to get another after seeing it in blush pink!

Cream Leather Tote ($79.99) - I know they're marketing it as a diaper bag, but here me out -- us single ladies need pockets too! This bag is a backpack, tote *and* crossbody and it comes complete with a laptop pocket. 
Faux Silk Peonies ($15.98) - As a sucker for well-done fake flowers, (which is why these are out) these flowers are definitely on my wishlist! They're highly rated for looking realistic!

That's all for August! I hope you've enjoyed this month's round-up. Can't wait to hear which ones are your favorite in the comments!

{Disclaimer - I earn a small commission on these Amazon links}


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